Defintely kids know how to have fun.  And guys, surely you haven't forgotten, so put on some fun.  Funky, fun, stretchy socks made of 75% cotton, 20% polyester & 5% spandex. They love to be washed in cold water with like colors and worn again & again. They love events, tournaments, work & play so get them on!

Guys socks like girls too!  Sripe Bolts are one of my favorites!

S0019RedBoltSS.jpg Super Hero Red Bolt
SKU: S019
You're a super hero so wear it proud. These red bolt knee highs are the new super stretchy, made to fit any calf.
Price: $10.00 Quantity
3 Pairs of Socks
Save $1 a a pair and get THREE pairs of socks for $27.00! Please include your three available selections in the shopping cart.
Price: $27.00 Quantity
MEF0089SharkAttack.jpg Shark Attack
SKU: 889
Look out, shark attack! The perfect crew socks for shark week or that Sharknado rerun.
Price: $10.00 Quantity
MEF0085MaskedAvenger.jpg Masked Avenger
SKU: 885
They will never see you coming in these killer socks. You are the masked avenger!
Price: $10.00 Quantity
MEF0077VenusFlytrap.jpg Venus Flytrap
SKU: 874
Chew up the competition in these great crew socks. Bright blue & green Venus flytrap...feed me!
Price: $10.00 Quantity
Men's Foosball
SKU: 865
You old Foosball player, you know you need Foos socks.
Price: $10.00 Quantity
mef0059-Squid-OMen.jpg Men's Squido
SKU: 859
Menís blue crews with a tan squid crawling up out of your shoe
Price: $10.00 Quantity
mef0037-2-LuchaPinkMen.jpg Men's Lucha Pink
SKU: 837
Menís pink topped yellow socks with tough lucha libre wrestlers
Price: $10.00
On Sale! $8.00
mef0023-NinjaRedMen.jpg Men's Red Ninja
SKU: 823
Menís red crewís with black ninja to kick butt!
Price: $10.00 Quantity
mef0020-BringItBotMen.jpg Men's Bring It Bot
SKU: 820
Menís black & dark gray crewís with one tough robot. Bring it big boy!
Price: $10.00 Quantity
mef007-6MenBlueBolt.jpg Men's Super Hero Blue
SKU: 810
Menís blue crews with a yellow super hero bolt
Price: $10.00 Quantity
mef0007-BoltRedMen.jpg Men's Super Hero Red
SKU: 807
Menís red crews with a tan super hero bolt
Price: $10.00 Quantity