Need your Am prizes covered for your tournament?  We can do it!  Allows for your Amateur players to pick their own prizes and saves you time and added expense.  Includes sponsorship of your tournament with extra prizes such as CTPs and TBD percent of Am entry totals discounted to you that can be added cash for your Pro purse.  We supply you with vouchers, you fill in and cover the amounts and your Ams get the prizes they want.  Email Disc-Diva to see if your location and dates can be included in our schedule.  Prefer close proximity to Colorado to maximize benefits to you and us.


  • Some tournament and individual Sponsorship available.
  • Please submit any requests by email to Disc-Diva.
  • Most sponsorship is specific to tournaments that we will attend and/or those targeting women, with special preference to those requesting coverage of Am prizes or Disc-Diva customers.  We do request that you be a PDGA member and support the sport at all levels.



Disc-Diva prizes at DisCrazy

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