Disc-Diva/Laser-Diva bag tags in steel, colored anodized aluminum, acrylic, wood & plastic.

We also do wood plaques, acrylic trophies, cut wood trophies and more.

Email for your tag and awards price lists!

More tag pictures coming soon on Laser-Diva


Disc-Diva does laser engraving!

We can do your club's numbered or personalized disc golf bag tags and tournament trophy tags.  We have disc golf picture frames, coasters and wood magnets, and trophies. We'll put your vector or high resolution art on your tags.  Email for info!



3 Shapes & Sizes, round, oval, arrowhead...comes with metal ring or plastic strap.




Laser engraved tags available in:

 2" round or square stainless steel

2" round assorted color anodized aluminum

1.13 x 1.9"  dog tag assorted color ano aluminum

2.25" or 2.75" round wood

2.75" oval 2-color plastic

2" round or square 2-color plastic

2" Round or Square polished brass, special order.

  Plastic not recommended for year long trading tag.

All tags can be numbered and/or customized.  Engraving minimum $25.  No set-up charge for 10+ tags.  Each tag comes individually bagged with split ring.  Prices shown are starting price, discount for quantities, please email to request current price list.



2" Round Steel, $5.50 each



2" Square Steel, $5.50 each



2" Round Colored Anodized Aluminum, $4.50 each




1.13 x 1.9" Dog Tag, $4.00 each.  Dog Tag $5 each with ring and ball chain.



2.2" Round or Square 2-color Plastic or 1.7 x 2.2" Oval, $3.00 each

Plastics come in a variety of colors with black, white, & some color cores.  Recommended for name & trophy tags only, not year long numbered tags. 



1.8 x 2.75" oval 2-color plastic, $3.50 each


"You wish you threw like a girl!" bag tag/keychain, your forever bag tag!

$8 each on stainless steel.


2" square stainless steel. 










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